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How to take care of your new baby


Please apply your own judgement, and ask any questions - we are here for you.
We are not affiliated or rewarded by any product or brand we recommend,
it's pure unbiased opinion based on our cats' experience.

Before Arrival 

  1. Make your home kitten-safe


  • Windows.
    At age 4-5 month a kitten can easily jump to open window, climb up mosquito screen, tear or open it by pushing downwards.

  • Stairs, pickets.
    Cats love to squeeze between pickets, then jump. Glass railings are best,
    but some kind of plastic grid to block space between pickets will do the trick.

  • Railings.
    Place regular scotch on top, with sticky side up. Attach it with same scotch wrapped around railing, sticky side out.

  • Houseplants.
    Many of them are poisonous for cats, ask your Vet and/or Google the list. 

  • Knobs, handles., electric cords and cables
    Russian Blue learn how to push/pull handles to open doors and drawers. Consider protecting cables, decorations, speakers with mesh panels, other items that look attractive but could injure kitten or get broken.

  • Entry doors.
    Cats are fast, curious, and natural explorers. Re-think household entry-exit routine, to prevent your cat running out. Never leave entry doors open, before opening watch around if there’s your cat nearby trying to join you for a walk…

  • Russian Blue is strictly indoor cat, no outdoors despite your cat will ask and tell stories how much he/she need it

2. Basic cat supplies

  • Litter box, litter. Our kittens use "World's Best" brand. It's Natural, clumping, sewer and septic safe 

  • Cat carrier - soft one might be a good choice. Consider purchasing big enough to suite you  when kitten grows up

  • Dry and wet food, raw is a good option if you have time to thaw and warm it. Our kittens prefer premium brands, general opinion is that it helps maintain health and longer life. Royal Canin kitten formulas are good till 1 year old.

  • Bowls, 4 - 5 at least, cat size, wide enough since cats like some space for their whiskers

  • Toys, scratching posts and pads, cat-tree, window hummock

  • Soft brush, nail clipper


3. Safe, quiet and smaller space for your kitten to spend first days at your home. 


  • Place new litter box, sleeping pad (or cat house) and food/water in safe, smaller room

  • Bathroom might be better choice sometimes, compared to big noisy space where kitten might start crying, or hide somewhere where nobody can find it… 


4. Educate your family


  • Discuss all cat related rules and routines with your family, explain it to your smaller children

  • Youtube videos might help prepare kids to better understand and welcome new furry friend 


5. Local Veterinarian, we would suggest great one if you live close to Thornhill, Ontario


Picking up your kitten


  • Transportation - avoid convertibles, bikes, or any noisy vehicles. 

  • Don’t forget your cat carrier

  • Bring a small blanket to cover carrier while traveling, kitten might feel safer with it

  • Don’t worry, you will be provided with some familiar food and familiar kitten pad with known old-home smell



After arrival to hew home


  • Place your new baby into prepared room, offer water and food, watch how it goes

  • Give kitten some space, don’t panic if he/she hides under the coach or behind TV stand, don’t try to extract kitten from there, just be sure it’s all prepared, clean and safe

  • Don’t try to give kitten various treats to celebrate arrival, never offer any human’s food

  • When your kitten is ready, he/she starts to explore his/her new home, meow-asking you for new adventures.

  • Don’t forget about upcoming kitten booster shot, you’ll be provided with his/her vaccination records and schedule

  • PLEASE NOTE! The bowl with fresh water has to be provided and easily accessible at ALL Times even if your Kitten or Cat on the raw diet and don't drink much!


We wish you lots of happiness and long, happy, healthy life to your Royal Sterling Russian Blue, with his/hers amazing new family.


With Love, Any questions any time




Kittens instructions or how to take care of your Human

Dear Royal Sterling Kitten. 


  • Before your arrival your Human prepared litter box, cat carrier - soft might be a good choice, some dry and wet food (we know you like raw also), bowls, toys, scratching posts and maybe cat-tree. As a Royal Sterling you are used to all of these, especially healthy food.


  • No jumping on the stairs and railings! Humans HAVE to install sticky tape on railings, and cat-proof pickets, staircases, entry doors, windows, etc.


  • Tell your human that after arrival you prefer to stay in the limited space (small room or even bathroom) with your new litter box, sleeping pad (or cat house) and food/water, instead of walking around house. Not-familiar big house makes you feel lost and you can start crying, or hide somewhere where nobody can find you… after day or two you’ll meow-tell and try to go out from your first familiar room, meaning that you are ready to explore your new home.


  • Your Human might try to give you different treats to celebrate your arrival, instead of food you are used to. Please explain that it’s not a good idea since you can get upset stomach. 


  • Never ever eat human’s food!!! It’s very dangerous, although looks tasty. Never try to chew houseplants! Most of them are poisonous for cats, ask your Human to Google it. Stay away from cleaning products, ask your Human to lock it away from you. 


  • Your Human knows that you might learn to push/pull handles to open doors and drawers.


  • When you arrive to your new home and hide under furniture because you feel scared, try not to forget your kitten’s job: playing, eating, using you sacred box. Your Humans will appreciate some interaction. They have been waiting for you a very long time. Remember - they are trying to do their best to make you feel comfortable. 


  • Don’t forget where your Royal potty is located. If you do: meow-ask you human. BTW: don’t eat Litter, it’s dangerous, especially clamping!!! When changing litter, your Human will add some used pellets (stinky) to the fresh litter, to help you find your litter box. Your Human might buy litter box attractant to help you


  • You can meow-ask your Human for food. But remember: They already did their homework and know your daily nutrition need. For kitten your age the normal amount is 320-370 calories a day (general information). 


  • Don’t forget - sleeping really helps to recharge your batteries and maintain development! Humans love when you sleep in unimaginable poses. Don’t freak out then they take thousands of pictures. You are the most precious model in the world, get used to that.


  • Your human knows that you are indoor cat, but you will enjoy supervised, leashed walk in your clean fenced backyard.


The most important thing: We wish you long, happy and healthy life with your amazing new family. You were born with the purpose to make your Humans Happy and this World better.


With Love - any questions any time 647-880-9883 -

Royal Sterling Fionina
Russian Blue tradition -
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