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Martyn The Great

In Honor of Martyn The Cat

Russian Blue tradition -


We are cage-free ethical cattery dedicated to breed  high level  Russian Blue Cats. We are registered in International feline association (TICA) and Canadian Cat Association (CCA-AFC). We constantly participate in Cat Shows and all our breeding cats have titles! Our cats are genetically tested and don't carry any feline diseases. Our mission is to insure that our Graduates are of exceptional quality, health, happiness and amazing temperament. 

We do not overbreed or inbreed! Our Queens have maximum 3 litters in 2 years, and that is actual  reason for longer waitlist.

Originally our cattery was created in honour and in memory of our beloved Martyn The Cat who crossed the rainbow bridge after 16 happy years with us. He was a unique cat who was RB blood Nebelung  with an extraordinary influence on our lives.  He had fantastic personality, extremely  handsome, and we felt sorry that he was not able to reproduce. After appropriate education in Felinology we established this cattery to breed and promote top-tier, almost-hypoallergenic cats, with amazing character and top intelligence.

In other words, to make this world better.

Russian Blue tradition -
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